Pyramid of Shadows

Sort of A Beginning

Run, run, run.

Muck, and soldiers, and those with the red sash. The turmoil on this plane never stops. It never, ever stops. And now this.

These creatures surround us, their voices in our heads, and slowly, slowly, against our will, we sleep. Their final words: “They cannot stay here.”

Xanthe stirs awake, and cannot believe what she is seeing. Days and days of gloom and darkness, and now the clear sight and smell of trees! And grass beneath her head! And is that blue sky, and white cloud? Thank the gods!

The rest of the party stirs, all looking around in the same wonder, excitement, and a little apprehension. Duric glares into the trees, not trusting what he sees, and is rewarded with movement. He smirks, loosens his hammer, and squares himself. “It really never stops.”

Three dwarves, three humans and a large red drake burst forth from the trees, clearly angry, but also somewhat bewildered. It seems that they are just as surprised to see the party as the party is, but no matter. They look rich, and their goods will earn them money. Attack is certain and victory seems assured

Bob raises his staff, mutters a deep incantation, and the image of a large, sparkling pile of treasure appears in the corner of the glade. Two of the humans and the drake are transfixed, and cannot move. The dwarfs behind him attack, bashing Elena and Kiava with their shields, barely missing Bob in the process. Battle, as usual, ensues.

Blows are traded, swords thrust and parried, hammers and shields clash. “This is more like it!” shouts Kylar, as she skewers one human and charges the dwarfs playing havoc with her fellow adventurers. One by one, the bad guys fall until two are left. These two fall to their knees, begging for mercy. As the party deliberates over what to do, one escapes. Duric sits on the last guy, further injuring him in the process. As the party recovers from this confusion, the bag of holding that Bob carries begans to grow warm, and vibrate. Bob tries to find a spot away from the party, but it is too late. The bag is torn asunder, and the box stored within begins to glow with a dark purple light, smoking and vibrating.

The box disintegrates, and the skull contained within rises to head height, growing slightly larger and, seemingly, it begins to clothe itself with ethereal “flesh.” At least, that’s the assumption…the flesh of this body is not clearly defined, and the party can see right through it. The eyes begin to spark and glow, and the face firms into the visage of a teifling, a grinning, arrogant teifling. He smiles, bows his head slightly, and speaks. “What brings you to our vale in the woods? What directs your to this place?”

Kiava and Elena look at each other, obvious mistrust etched in their features. The party remains silent. In their silence, the teifling before them grows and grows in stature and, at his feet, the point of a pyramid seems to erupt from the earth, but no earth is disturbed. The party tries to run, but they are locked in their places. The pyramid grows, and grows, until the party is consumed by it and darkness envelopes them completely. The teifling, now completely gone, is only apparaent by his haunting laughter as he states, “Welcome to the Pyramid of Shadow! Their is no escape, without you defeating us three times.” As his echoing laughter dies away, the party begins to miss the smell of the forest, as their nasal cavities are assaulted with the stench of death and decay.



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